Voice Caddie Vc4 Golf Gps




VC4 is a smart GPS range finder that tells not just the distance to the middle of the green, but also provides elevation changes to front and back, locates the landing point of the ball and gives you carry distance.

Voice guidance provides auditory readout of distance to front/centre/back of green.
Quickly press main button once for distance to the centre of the green.
VC4 uses V-Algorithm™ to provide accurate distance. Its not a simple calculation of distance using elevation but complex adjustments are made from accumulated data of PGA & LPGA tour pros’ average distances applied with trajectory variations. This separates VC4 from the competitors Active Green Info provides precise information depending on the location of the player, Equipped with Auto Slope™, Automatic course and hole recognition, 40,000 + preloaded courses available worldwide Multilingual option (English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean). User-friendly interface to enable hassle-free functionality.
Voice Output of Distance
Active Green Info
Auto Slope™
Automatic Course / Hole Recognition
Over 40,000 Course from Around the World Pre loaded
Distance to Front / Centre / Back of the Green
Simple and Easy to Use

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