Champ Zarma White Fly Tee 83Mm




The Champ Zarma Fly tee is a new performance tee that will increase your distance and accuracy from tee to green. The tees are made with environmentally friendly and durable plastic materials and feature a shallow cup to minimise friction and increase distance. The tees feature a 6 prong head for easy and stable ball placement, which are supported by impact ribs that evenly distribute the force of impact down the shaft of the tee to prevent damage.

With its added durability and contoured cup, the Champ Zarma Fly tee gives top performance to all golfers from amateurs to professionals. Available in an array of colours, the new Zarma Fly Tee is a must for any golfer.

Shallow cup produces less friction, more distance and more accuracy
Pronged head design improves stability and ball placement, supported by impact ribs to increase their strength and durability
Durable bio-degradable plastic design
Pack of 30
Available in 7 colours

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